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Check out all the resources below to guide your messages to lawmakers and the general community on Advocacy Day. Use these tools to make as big an impact as possible!

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Legislator Info

Tap the Find My Legislator tool to identify your local legislators, and use the directory for any additional lawmakers you would like to reach out to.

Legislator Directory

Not sure who to reach out to?

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Sample Scripts

Download the scripts below for sample messaging to use in your calls and emails to legislators.

Sample Script for Calls

Sample Script for Emails

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Infographic Flyer

This flyer discusses the current challenges childhood cancer patients and survivors face, and how funding for Pediatric Cancer Support Navigators can help our kids thrive as they transition back to school.

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Social Media Posts 

To get started, download the images to your computer, then copy and paste the text underneath.


I'm proud to lend my voice during #vachildhoodcancer Advocacy Day to advocate for our community's youngest patients and survivors across Virginia! Thank you to VA lawmakers for taking action to create dedicated state funding to support our kids in school during and after treatment!


On average, kids with cancer miss 43 days of school during their first year of treatment. Thankfully, VA lawmakers created dedicated state funding last year to support our kids in school during and after treatment. Thank you legislators for taking action! #vachildhoodcancer


Beating cancer isn't always the end of the fight. 2/3 of all childhood cancer survivors will develop at least one late effect from the disease or treatment that makes it harder to learn. I’m advocating to make sure #vachildhoodcancer survivors have what they need to fight this statistic and thrive in school! 

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